Terms & Conditions

A non refundable deposit of £50.00 is charged at the time of the booking if event is 6 months or more ahead.

A non refundable deposit of £100.00 is charged at the time of the booking if event is up to 4 months or less ahead.

However, for bookings less than 2 months before the hire, then payment in full is required at the time of booking

The balance is payable a minimum of 30 days before the actual wedding date.

We reserve the right to alter the deposit sums according to circumstances and arrangements at the time of booking.

Devon County Wedding Cars (hereafter also referred to as DCWC), vehicles are all fully road legal, taxed and insured and are regularly maintained. Therefore, Devon County Wedding Cars is confident that we make every reasonable effort to be able to supply the first choice of vehicle requested by the client. However, these are classic and vintage vehicles and in certain circumstances the chosen vehicle may not be available due to issues (such as, but not wholly limited to mechanical breakdowns or parts failure) and are out of our control. With older vehicles often, even if this is a simple fix the spare parts are not readily available ‘off the shelf’ and your chosen vehicle may not be available within the time frame required.

We always list a substitute back up vehicle and agree this with clients on the booking form. In the event of the first choice vehicle not being available in advance of the date then in these cases we will endeavour to both contact you in the first instance, (if any such problem is discovered in sufficient time) and then arrange mutually to ready and supply the agreed alternative car.

In the extreme event of a vehicle not being available on the day or if it stops en route we will attempt to contact the clients on the emergency number(s) given if it is appropriate and there is time to do so in the circumstances. If it is more expedient to concentrate on getting a vehicle to the client rather than phone ahead then this will be the priority and course of action the driver and DCWC will take.

We will, in such circumstances then aim to supply the best alternative vehicle available to us on the day to suit the time left available to get to the destination and the ceremony.

We fully reserve the right to dispatch a complete change of vehicle of our choosing if we deem it necessary due to mechanical issues or any other similar or related scenario in order to still be able to transport clients to their occasion and without prior contact in an emergency or breakdown scenario.

If no car alternative is acceptable to the client on the day, and this is stated and agreed with at least a month’s notice before the event then any compensation is at the discretion of ourselves and will be limited to the refund of the hire charged (and may still be less the initial deposit paid at our discretion), this payment will be refunded without prejudice or liability.

In an urgent situation on the day of the ceremony where the car is unavailable and we have still supplied an alternative car for the time then any refund will be limited to allow for the reduced cost of providing a smaller or different vehicle. Where a similar sized or type of vehicle, regardless of its age and style was supplied on the day then any partial or full refund given is entirely at DCWC’s discretion. We recommend and advise that the client obtains appropriate wedding insurance for their own protection to cover such circumstances.

Whilst we do our utmost to ensure our drivers are punctual, you will understand that we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances out of our control such as road conditions, accidents, etc. Again, in any such emergency the driver and DCWC will endeavour to contact the clients on the emergency numbers given.

All cars are cleaned prior to the wedding date and departure for pickup, but Devon County Wedding Cars do not accept any responsibility for changes in the vehicles appearance caused by the weather or terrain during the period, although every effort will be made to present the car in its best possible condition the particular nature and routes within the county and often the collection and drop off locations themselves of the mostly rural area we operate in often means vehicles will have to traverse muddy and wet single track roads and even fields and tracks en route which will affect their visual condition.

Safety Policy:
Devon County Wedding Cars and its chauffeurs have the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of excess alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat either to the chauffeur, the vehicle or any other passenger(s).
Devon County Wedding Cars operate a non smoking policy in all its vehicles for protection of staff and future clients.


 Clients are responsible for any damage they cause to the interior or exterior of the vehicle available to them and will be invoiced accordingly for any repair or valeting required in order to reinstate the vehicle to its pre-hire condition.

Confetti – We of course have no objections to confetti being celebrated around the vehicles themselves. Some flakes brought in on clothing/shoes is part of the occasion and we expect to have some here and there.

(Please be aware that some venues however do not allow Confetti at all, of course although some may permit the dried flower/bio-degradeable type).

As per the valeting note above, it is NOT acceptable to shower the inside of any of the vehicles with ANY type of confetti. This applies while the Bride and Groom and/or the Driver is either inside of or out of the car.

This will ALWAYS incur a valeting charge. Dried flowers if wet stain leather very easily and both types easily add more than an hour to what we consider general post ceremony/service cleaning.

 We apologise to have to put this clause in but knowledge and experience of past bookings has meant we have to make this point especially clear to clients.


Champagne and Alcoholic Beverage supply:

We understand many wedding car companies offer packages which sound very attractive as they include champagne or similar alcoholic celebration to the couples to either consume in the car on the day or later on.

We often hear that clients are often offered a glass of wine or champagne at no extra cost as a complimentary offer, to celebrate the occasion while in the wedding car. Whilst it is understood that this is a well-intentioned offer and indeed, a traditional part of the wedding day and we fully understand what a nice way this is to celebrate your new vows, it is also against the law if you do not have a licence to supply alcohol. 

We observe the following release by the NAWCP and text is copyright to them and acknowledged by us.

Wedding car operators offering champagne or any alcoholic beverage even on a ‘complimentary, free, gratis or courtesy basis’ is legally defined as ‘supplying’.

Supplying alcohol to customers without a licence is a breach of section 136 of the Licensing Act and is a criminal offence.

Our understanding is that if anyone is caught supplying alcohol without a licence, they could potentially face a £20,000 fine and/or six months imprisonment for the business owner.

DCWC does not have an alcohol licence so regrettably, are unable to supply champagne or similar beverage as we have no wish to incur any such fine or sanction no matter how much we want to make our clients’ day a happy one.

If it is appropriate for the vehicle chosen and the client supplies their own drink and it is possible to do so DCWC are happy to bring flutes and ice bucket (and ice) if we can and by prior arrangement. We fully believe this satisfies the law as it stands and therefore, if this is something you wish to do please confirm this at time of booking.


Child Safety:

Our policy on the transportation of children is as follows:

Please note that the majority of our vehicles have NO seat belts.

The law changed on 18th September 2006 for the protection of children in vehicles that makes it compulsory for every child under 12 years of age to sit in a baby seat, a child seat, on a booster seat or on a booster cushion. Unlike taxis, wedding cars are NOT exempt from this new legislation. Regretfully, this new law means all wedding car companies have had to change the way they provide their services to young persons.

Our drivers are legally responsible for ensuring children under 14 years of age are properly restrained in the car if seat belts are fitted. As part of our terms and conditions you must advise us when agreeing the booking if any child using our vehicles will be under 14 at the time of travel on the travel date. Unfortunately, we do not provide child seats or booster cushions etc. for our vehicles.

If suitable CE certified seats are provided by the client then these may be used & agreed at the time of the booking – Devon County Wedding Cars accept no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss connected with child seats. The client must ensure they are fully aware of the current UK Law with regard to the carriage of children in hired vehicles as follows:

Children under 12 years or under 4ft 5in tall may only be carried when the correct ‘Child Restraint’ as required by law is used. (‘Child Restraint’ is the collective term in the seat belt legislation for, baby seats, child seats, booster seats and booster cushions).‘Child Restraints’ can only be used in vehicles that have fitted seatbelts.  Babies must travel in rear-facing car seats until they are at least 15 months old.  The new law regretfully means children up to the age of three requiring Baby Seats and Child Seats can no longer be carried in wedding vehicles that DO NOT have seatbelts fitted

As most wedding cars are legally exempt from having seat belts fitted because of their historical age, and as Baby Seats and Child Seats need to be strapped to the seat they are not permitted in these cars. However, the law does allow children of 3 years and above to travel in the back seats of Classic & Vintage Cars without using ‘Child Restraints’. Modern Cars are equipped with seatbelts therefore children can be carried in these cars only if the correct ‘Child Restraint’ is used. We are more than happy to take children with Brides/Grooms/Bridesmaids etc. when arranged and booked – but please ensure you are comfortable with this aspect of Classic vehicles and the law we have to observe. This text is part copyright Premier Carriage of Bournemouth Ltd. and acknowledged by us.

Length of hire and charges:

The standard hire period for a wedding will generally be three hours and if there are any changes or variations including extra time or mileage to the journeys, other than those agreed at the time of booking, the client will be responsible for the extra charges.
While it is rare for extra charges to need to be required due to the bespoke nature of our service we endeavour to minimise this, we do however reserve the right to apply if absolutely necessary.

Devon County Wedding Cars is fully insured for wedding car hire, our chauffeurs have full UK Driving Licences. Our insurance does not cover customers to drive our vehicles, or for loss or damage to customers possessions or for any other consequential losses, delays or missed events. Public liability is covered within our vehicle insurance and our vehicles are fully insured for wedding hire.

Booking acceptance and contract:            

Making the booking and accepting our quotation by payment of deposit or in full will represent a full and binding agreement of our Terms and Conditions –

These are also attached to the booking forms and/or invoices sent to clients.

Please make sure you have read through the terms and conditions fully and are satisfied with your acceptance of them. Please do not hesitate to contact us with if you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions