Austin A40 Farina


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The Austin A40 is a vintage British car- designed by Pininfarina of Italy for Austin this is quite rare and unusual car being the baby estate (Countryman) version built in 1962

This car was fully restored in Cyprus before being imported back to the UK. It came  into us with a lot of care and hard work to make it as good as (maybe even better than) when it left the factory  – as you can see from the pristine interior shots.

As with its stablemate the Mk1 Mini; this is an ideal car for occasions such as Civil Ceremonies or Registry Offices or when you just want to keep that complete vintage look for your day.

Finished in classic white with grey we often provide this as fun transport for bridesmaids or the groom but we are of course delighted to provide the car for any aspect of a wedding function.

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